A Tree Is Not Just a Tree

Giant tree in AI-generated artwork.
An AI-generated artwork featuring a majestic and colossal tree.

The moment we teach a child that a tree is a tree, they’ll never see a tree again, at least not in the same way they did before the label.

We humans have the ability to name and label the elements of our world. We teach children that a tree is a tree, and in doing so, we provide them with a powerful tool for navigating and understanding the world. However, this act of naming also has a profound consequence: it can change the way they perceive and experience the very things we’ve labeled.

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Setting Sail

Sailing ship in AI-generated artwork.
An AI-generated artwork featuring a graceful sailing ship at sea.

A ship is such a poignant metaphor for life. Like a ship, life is a journey with lots of ups and downs, full of unknowns and challenges. Both require courage, perseverance, and skillful navigation to make it through the various stages, chapters, and obstacles along the way.

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Embracing Art In All Its Forms

Abstract streetscape AI-generated artwork.
An AI-generated artwork featuring an imaginative and abstract streetscape.

Here is another semi-abstract of a rainy streetscape. It is the result of Midjourney prompting. I just edited the output slightly to adjust composition, color palette, and vibrancy to give it a little more “punch “.

This piece looks like something that could sell for $20K+ if hand-painted by a well-known artist. Thanks to Midjourney and other AI art generators, stunning artworks like this are a dime a dozen, being shared freely all over social media.

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The Black Box Behind AI Art

As a traditional artist who is passionate about AI art, one thing that I want to impress upon people is that AI art isn’t just about computational and algorithmic image generation.

There is this mysterious black box that gives rise to an emergent creativity that no one– not even the creators of the AI models themselves– fully understands…

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My AI Art Process

Before AI it would take me hours, even days, to complete a painting. Now it’s just a matter of prompting the AI and tweaking the results to align with my vision and understanding of human aesthetics…

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