Embracing Art In All Its Forms

Abstract streetscape AI-generated artwork.
An AI-generated artwork featuring an imaginative and abstract streetscape.

Here is another semi-abstract of a rainy streetscape. It is the result of Midjourney prompting. I just edited the output slightly to adjust composition, color palette, and vibrancy to give it a little more “punch “.

This piece looks like something that could sell for $20K+ if hand-painted by a well-known artist. Thanks to Midjourney and other AI art generators, stunning artworks like this are a dime a dozen, being shared freely all over social media.

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Flower Girls

Artwork of beautiful girl surrounded by flowers
A stunning artwork depicting a girl surrounded by a vibrant array of flowers, creating a captivating scene that’s both serene and enchanting.
artsy portrait AI generated artwork flower girl
An AI-generated artsy portrait showcasing a flower-adorned girl, creating a beautiful and artistic visual composition.
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The Singularity

An abstract representation generated by AI, showcasing vivid and complex geometrical shapes.
This AI-generated artwork features a dynamic and abstract presentation composed of intricate geometrical shapes.

A colorful abstract created in MJ. I altered the color scheme and composition a little to make it ‘pop’ a bit more.

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