Blue, Color of Happiness

Blue house by the sea in AI-generated artwork.
An AI-generated artwork showcasing a charming blue house located by the tranquil sea.

A happy blue house beside the sea,
In azure grace where souls roam free.
Within its walls, a tranquil place,
Where hearts find joy, a loving embrace.

The sea, a canvas of cerulean dreams,
Where happiness, in myriad streams,
Flows like the waves, both deep and wide,
In shades of blue, our spirits glide.

From turquoise shallows to indigo deep,
Where secrets in the ocean’s keep.
A symphony of blue, a watery trance,
In its embrace, we find our dance.

Above, the heavens’ azure glow,
With clouds of white, like drifting snow.
In cobalt skies, we find our peace,
For blue serenity’s songs never cease.

From dawn’s first light to twilight’s end,
Blue’s soothing palette, nature’s blend.
In every shade, a story untold,
In blue’s embrace, our joy unfolds.

In this realm of blues so vast,
Where happiness forever will last,
A world of tranquil, azure view,
In shades of blue, we find our hue.

Oudam Em Author Portrait

Oudam Em

Writer and artist with a passion for melding AI and human creativity into exquisite works of art and poetry. Join me on this exhilarating journey!

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