Time Heals Everything

Lotus flower AI-generated artwork.
An AI-generated artwork featuring a lotus flower with the poem, “Everything settles in time.”

Like sediments in a muddy pond, everything settles in time. Each passing day whispers healing secrets to the soul, stitching frayed edges of sorrow with the tender embrace of hope. The scars of yesteryears fade, like autumn leaves surrendering to the passage of seasons.

Time, a master craftsman, chisels away the weight of burdens, unveiling the light within. Through the silent passage of each moment, a symphony of renewal unfolds, as wounds transform into wisdom, and pain finds solace in the cradle of time’s nurturing arms.

Oudam Em Author Portrait

Oudam Em

Writer and artist with a passion for melding AI and human creativity into exquisite works of art and poetry. Join me on this exhilarating journey!

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