The Heart’s Abode

Indoor retreat AI-generated artwork.
An AI-generated artwork featuring a tranquil indoor retreat.

In the corners of our sacred space,
A haven dwells, a private place,
A room of peace, where silence blooms,
A sacred sanctuary within our home.

Behind closed doors, where worries fade,
A realm of solace, neatly laid,
This private chamber, whispers kind,
Invites us to calm the mind.

No eyes intrude, no judgments cast,
This space allows the soul to last,
To wander freely, unconfined,
In realms of thought, it seeks to find.

The cluttered mind finds clarity,
In this hushed chamber, it is free,
To seek the answers, buried deep,
And untie knots that bind our sleep.

The outside world, chaotic, vast,
Cannot intrude on what’s amassed,
Within this chamber’s private air,
Reflection’s tender, loving care.

In solitude, we find the core,
Of who we are, what we adore,
The essence of our being calls,
In this seclusion, walls and all.

With each breath taken, worries lift,
Embracing hearts, a precious gift,
In stillness, whispers gently known,
A place to heal, to mend, to own.

The private space, a sacred art,
A masterpiece within each heart,
Where meditation finds its wings,
And contemplation sweetly sings.

So cherish well this cherished place,
This private room, this private grace,
For in its depth, we come to see,
The vast expanse of you and me.

Oudam Em Author Portrait

Oudam Em

Writer and artist with a passion for melding AI and human creativity into exquisite works of art and poetry. Join me on this exhilarating journey!

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